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1. Awakening

We generally think of awakenings in terms of dynamic events, because those are the ones that get talked about. The ones we hardly ever hear about are the ones that come to us quietly - then reveal their secrets over a period of time - sometimes years!

Our awakening will be unique to our particular circumstances. It’s a most intimate and mysterious process. Your Awakening is built into the subtlest code of your DNA.

Think about this:

My awakening brought with it a flood of insights. One of these insights revealed to me that every single event in my life was absolutely necessary in order for me to become awakened. One such event was singled out to me.

It was an incident from my early teens when I was caught stealing 45 rpm records from our neighborhood drug store. My aunt and uncle happened to walk into the store just as the police were holding me. It thus became known to our extended family members. This saddened my parents.

In my awakened state I re-lived this memory, along with the revelation that without it having occurred, there would be no awakening. This gave me a new perspective on the concepts of “good and bad”.

There’s a mysterious dynamic that links the activity of each and every moment of our lives. This process dictates the manner in which our lives unfold. It’s also a crucial element in what allows awakening to take place. Some refer to this process as karma.

Your world and all that it entails, including yourself, has all sprung from the same Source. Awakening is what lifts the veil that keeps us from seeing what’s right in front of us. What the Sufis say, is “hidden in plain sight”. What you’re looking for is what is looking. If you deeply contemplated this statement and did no other spiritual practice, that would be enough. It has the power to open the door to Awakening.

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