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The Awakening dramatically changes almost every aspect of my life. I’m going to school during the day and living a Hollywood/Beverly Hills lifestyle at night. I live in one of the coolest areas of town, drive a new British sports car, date actresses and Centerfold models and by the standards of the day I've been living the dream. The awakening changes all that!

This was to become my last day of school, my last day of work in my father’s business and the last day of my playboy-like lifestyle. To my family’s dismay, I will leave my home and previous life behind. My only interest now is to re-capture the State revealed by the Awakening.

Sensing the need to get out of Los Angeles, I soon headed north out of Southern California and took a job working for the Park Service in Sequoia National Park. In my off-hours I read from the several spiritual books I’ve brought with me, and meditate in my cabin or among the majestic Sequoia Trees.

During this period there are some wonderful meditation experiences, but there are also states of confusion anduncertainty. After several months I realized that I must come down off the mountain in pursuit of a teacher whocan provide me with more guidance than the books offer.

I return to Southern California in search of someone or something that will help me stabilize my rollercoaster-like spiritual pursuit. I need to find a teacher who is familiar with the Awakened State and can serve as a guide. But how can you tell whether or not a particular teacher is Awake or at least familiar with the Awakened State? Not an easy task for a novice.

I began to study with a variety of teachers. Using my intuition to guide me. When I come to realize a particular teacher is not what I’m looking for, I move on. From that point forward there’s a period of limbo, wherein I wait for a sign as to what my next move is.

This is the situation I found myself in as 1969 comes to a close. I’m waiting for a sign.

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