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8. Teacher Training

It’s now April, and Yogi Bhajan invites me to join a small group of students at his home for morning sādhana sessions (yoga practice). These sessions begin during the dark hours of the early morning and last 2-3 hours. I’m joined by a small group of 7-8 fellow students.

These early morning gatherings are Yogi Bhajan's first teacher training sessions. We’re getting personally trained by the boss himself. The sessions primarily consist of krīyas, chanting and meditation, along with instructions on how to facilitate a yoga class.

After attending a number of these sessions, Yogi Bhajan asks if I would like to open a 3HO Ashram in Chicago. When I balk at his request, he suggests Carmel, California. This is much more to my liking!

The sessions conclude in the living room with an informal gathering (sātsang). Here Yogi Bhajan serves us breakfast. Breakfast usually consists of grated garlic toasted on rice cakes, with fresh alfalfa sprouts sprinkled on top.

Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, Yogi Bhajan holds court with his teachers-in-training sitting on the floor before him. This is a very casual time where he speaks to us about a variety of topics. Usually he talks about yoga and teaching dynamics, but sometimes he talks about Maharaji or relates personal stories about his wife and children back in India. Occasionally he reads from family letters. When referring to his wife, he often speaks lovingly of her devotion to Maharaji. Sometimes, he relates tales of Maharaji's exploits as conveyed in her letters.

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