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6. Yogi Bhajan's Guru

On one of the printed sheets Yogi Bhajan writes about his Guru, Maharaj Virsa Singh (Maharaji). In this testimonial, he tells a story about the time in his life when he was a Customs Officer at Palam Airport in Delhi. Often after work he would go to Gobind Sadan - Maharaji’s ashram, and clean the bathrooms. He did this while still wearing his Customs Officer’s uniform.

One day, according to Yogi Bhajan, when he was down on his hands and knees cleaning the floor, Virsa Singh entered the bathroom. Maharaji was so pleased with Yogi Bhajan’s humility that he put his hand on his head, transmitting to him the experience of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’. He went on in the piece, extolling his Guru’s virtues.

Maharaj Virsa Singh (Maharaji)

Next to the testimony lay a stack of Virsa Singh photos - a striking image of Maharaji standing, dressed in white, with a white turban atop his head and his customary set of prayer beads in hand.

In class, Yogi Bhajan often speaks of Virsa Singh in glowing terms. It’s well understood among the many students that Maharaji is Yogi Bhajan’s Guru - his "Master" as he refers to him. We all assume that the yoga we are learning has been passed down from Maharaji to Yogi Bhajan.

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