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23. I Meet Virsa Singh

With two weeks to kill, I took from my wallet the address of a close devotee of Maharaj Virsa Singh that I’d gotten from one of Yogi Bhajan’s students.

Nirlep Kaur is a Member of Parliament, similar to being a Member of Congress in the US. I arrived at her residence in New Delhi seeking information about how to reach Gobind Sadan, Maharaji’s ashram. Nirlep comes to the door and I introduce myself, telling her I was a student of Yogi Bhajan. I assume this will impress her. She invites me in.

Once inside, she asks me many questions about Yogi Bhajan, referring to him as Harbhajan Singh - his given name. She asks me if people in America touch his feet. She seems somewhat relieved when I inform her that I've never witnessed it. She makes it a point to let me know that Yogi Bhajan is not a Guru - that the real Guru is Virsa Singh and that Yogi Bhajan is a pretender. She goes on to say that he is simply taking advantage of naive Westerners. She invites me to stay the night, and tells me she will drive me to Gobind Sadan in the morning.

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