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21. Three Days with Rudi in New York

On December 31, 1970, I boarded a train from Los Angeles to New York, where I spent the next three days as a guest of Rudi at his Greenwich Village apartment.

Rudi was a highly respected teacher in his own right. He was a close disciple of Baba, and was the person most responsible for bringing him to the West. He was an authentic teacher in whose company kundalini awakenings often took place. His association with Nityananda and Baba, coupled with a rigorous spiritual practice, allowed for the transmission of awakened energy to flow through him.

It’s most likely the manner in which Baba embraced me, and the fact that I was about to become the teacher in his ashram, that prompted Rudi’s invitation for me to stay with him. Aside from his Sunday morning meditations, followed by brunch, his private residence was open to few people. It gave me an opportunity to spend some quality time with this unique individual.

Upon departure, we embraced as Rudi handed me a gift to be delivered to Baba in India. This wouldn't be our last meeting, as Rudi would come to Ganeshpuri for the celebrations taking place during Baba's upcoming birthday in May.

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