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19. Confrontation with Yogi Bhajan #1

Now that Baba has left, I begin to plan for my trip to India. This presents me with a number of things to do. One of which is to go to Yogi Bhajan and tell him about the changes in my life. I hope those of you who have met Yogi Bhajan or feel like you know him, can appreciate the courage that took.

When I get to his home a couple of days later, Yogi Bhajan welcomes me in. I’m nervous but resolute in my conviction that as to what needs to be done. I tell him that Baba is now my Guru and I will no longer be teaching his (Yogi Bhajan’s) form of yoga.

His response: “So, Muktananda has awakened your kundalini?”

This is not a question begging for an answer. It’s one thrown at me like a dart. He can barely hide his anger and contempt.

Yogi Bhajan tries to convince me that I’m indebted to him for what he’s taught me, as he attempts to bring me back into the fold. No matter how much pressure he applies, I hold firm to my conviction.

When he finally realizes that I’m not going to budge, he tries a final act of desperation. He instructs me to sit opposite him and look into his eyes. He’s going to give me an experience of kundalini. From a distance of three feet away, and with eyes wide open, he gazes into my eyes. But nothing happens.

Yogi Bhajan designed a regimen of yoga that he branded as Kundalini Yoga. I’m curious as to how many people have actually had a kundalini awakening practicing this yoga? And if there are some who have experienced an awakening, what literature or guidance does the organization offer? Just wondering…

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