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18. A Change in My Teaching Style

The following day I arrived early for my class at the college. For my seat, I place a blanket on top of a table in front of the room. I then place in front of me a small photo of Baba along with a votive candle and incense holder. Before any of the students have a chance to enter, I sit on the blanket, light the candle, wave a stick of incense before Baba’s photo and close my eyes.

I immediately sink into deep meditation.

The next thing I know, a small voice from out of the depths reminds me I have a class to teach. As I struggle out of meditation, my eyes slowly open to find a dozen students, all sitting perfectly still with eyes closed. I close my eyes again.

After some time the small voice reappears, reminding me that there’s a class to teach. I slowly re-open my eyes to find that the room is now fully packed. Everyone is sitting perfectly still. The atmosphere in the room is thick and highly charged. There’s a familiar quality to the energy that I immediately recognize as similar to what I experienced while meditating with Baba.

I’m so deep in meditation that I can’t speak. Once again, I close my eyes.

The class ends sometime later with me softly beginning a melodic chant. As best I can tell, everyone is singing along.

Afterwards, there are questions about what just happened. I tell the others about my experience with Baba over the past week and suggest that the powerful meditation everyone experienced is the result of my time with him. Some of those present will come to be with Baba in the Bay Area and some will attend the retreat held in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Early the next day, I drove to Piedmont and rejoined Baba’s tour.

When I arrive at the house, I immediately send a message to Baba, letting him know I’m back. Soon Baba calls for me to come to his room. He asks about my class and seems quite pleased when I tell him what happened. He tells me that I will no longer teach yoga, but will now teach meditation instead. He gives me a multi-colored knitted cap and sends me on my way to resume my duties.

It’s abundantly clear that I can no longer teach Yogi Bhajan’s yoga. I now have a tangible experience of the possibilities in teaching meditation while connected to Baba.

During our stay in Piedmont I have a good number of engagements with Baba, as well as meditation experiences. After some days we all head back to Los Angeles for the remainder of the tour.

On the morning of Baba's departure, I’m asked to join Don Harrison for a meeting with Baba in his room. The subject matter is the location of an ashram in California. Harrison asks Baba where he would like it to be located: Los Angeles or San Francisco? Baba tells him to find a suitable location in San Francisco. When the question of teaching arises, Baba tells me to come to Ganeshpuri, where he will train me to come back and be the teacher there.

After a brief conversation we take Baba’s leave and join the rest of the group escorting Baba to the airport. At the airport we all sit with him one last time before he boards his plane. As Baba rises to leave, his last words to me are, “Meet me in India.”

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