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12. Carmel Valley

I arrive in Carmel in early July and immediately begin reaching out to the people on Nala’s list. Within a week I found a place to live and a studio in which to teach - both in Carmel Valley. Inspired by the tape of Ram Dass, along with my ever-growing disconnect from Yogi Bhajan, I began to tweak what I'd learned at 3HO and develop my own style of teaching.

It’s early July, 1970 and I’m the only yoga teacher on the Monterey Peninsula. Word of my classes begins to spread and I become a somewhat known entity around the area. Devi Davis, founder of The Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore, an iconic little shop in Carmel, hangs a framed photo of me on the wall and begins to promote my classes.

In August, I’m interviewed on Monterey’s newly launched cable television network and in September I began teaching what is to become a popular yoga class in the Humanities Department at Monterey Peninsula College (MPC).

Nala has now opened his restaurant in the village of Carmel and has become my closest friend. He’s a disciple of Maharaj Charan Singh, head of the Radha Soami Lineage based in Punjāb, India.

Nala had traveled to India the previous year to spend time with his Guru.

Another newly established friend, Ed Jarvis, a popular Chiropractor in Pacific Grove, is also a disciple of Charan Singh. Charan Singh, like Yogi Bhajan, is a Sikh but more in keeping with the tradition (he doesn't teach postural yoga). Unlike Yogi Bhajan, he is much loved among fellow Sikhs in his homeland. He is beginning to look more and more like a viable option to become my Guru and although I’m not truly inspired by him, I can sense that he’s authentic and an easy transition from Yogi Bhajan.

As well as things seem to be going for me, I’m now feeling more than ever the need to find my Guru. Though my heart is not completely there, I’m beginning to talk myself into accepting Maharaj Charan Singh.

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